I am new to shooting and just took the Concealed Carry Certification class. The instructor was very helpful and the class was enjoyable and I really learned a lot. I would recommend them for anyone.
Jill C.
Great place for NRA and Illinois Conceal Carry Certification Classes (CCW). The Instructor, Matt, is thorough and patient Firearm Instructor. Matt is able to teach all levels of students from the Avid Shooter to the Newest of shooters. I definitely recommend Creek Side Armory and suggest others go check out his website or call and sign up for a class., or 815-450-9GUN. Check him out on face-book as well.
Neal C.
Creek Side Armory. The only place to go. Whether its firearms, accessories, or conceal carry classes. First class place.
Chis H.
I took the Illinois Concealed Carry class with Matt and I must say Matt is a very knowledgeable and fun instructor. Even though the class covers most of the basics as mandated by the state I still learned a lot of information despite the fact the ive been firing firearms for 15 years. After seeing the level of instruction at Creek Side I will be sending my wife here to learn about firearms as I dont have the patience or attributes to teach her as well as Creek Side could. A+ in my book.
Joe T.
I had work done at Creek side Armory on my M1 Carbine. I had My gun re-barreled, adjusted head spacing, and sites aligned properly. I shot my gun the day after I picked it up. My gun fired great no jamming, very accurate, and looks great. Matt does great work and I would highly recommend going to Creek Side Armory to everyone and I will be a return customer.
Jacob W.
I met Matt about 1 month ago. Had 2 firearms shipped to his shop. A really down to earth and knowledgeable man. Will most certainly keep doing business with him. Soon as my wife is ready we will take conceal carry class at Creek Side Armory. GREAT BUSINESS!!!
Mr. B.
I am a new customer of Creek Side Armory. I took the CCW class with about ten other guys and Matt was our instructor. He took the time to make sure everyone present understood the safety thru every step of the class. His class was very informative and thorough. I couldn’t make the range shooting part of the class so we arranged a private one on one class that really helped me a lot. Thank You Matt. Now my wife is going to attend his class along with a few friends. I highly recommend Creek Side Armory.
Bill D.
Matt is an exceedingly honest and down to earth person. I have now purchased 3 firearms from him but getting an invaluable amount of information. He has been more than willing to find the best price for me on any firearm or handgun I’ve asked him about. It is a pleasure to support a small business such as Matt he is knowledgeable about his trade without being a gun snob. Give him a call or meet him at his shop you will not be disappointed by the service his friendliness and his expertise. I highly recommend Creekside armory.
Today I went to creek Side Armory for a concealed carry weapons permit class. I was blown away. No pun intended. I had a great time. The instructor Matt was extremely knowledgeable. I’m an ex military weapons instructor and he taught me things. His knowledge about firearms, firearm safety and laws is overwhelming. Not to mention his class is upbeat and energetic. Definitely not a class you will fall asleep in. He is extremely professional but has way of keeping the class fun and exciting. He is very interactive and makes sure you leave with a great understanding of all materials. He is great with questions. He had no issue stopping and making sure all the inexperienced shooter were completely comfortable before moving on. I would say by far the best training class I have ever had the privilege to attend. Such a wonderful experience. I was under the impression it was going to be a very boring class about rules and laws that would make you fall asleep but I was very mistaken. I would recommend him to all shooters both new and extremely experienced. I don’t care how much you know you will definitely learn something. Can’t wait until my next opportunity to vist.
Michael M.
I went through a different place that i won’t mention and the customer service was terrible. I ended up getting a refund and purchasing my firearm online. Creek side was the first FFL dealer available for me to ship there so i did it. When the gun arrived, I went and did the paper work and what not. Couple days later and i picked up my gun. The man name is Matt and the service was incredible. He’s a very down to earth friendly person and it was a pleasure to do business with him and will definitely recommend everyone to check Creekside out.
Manny T.
Matt is extremely knowledgeable, professional and fair. I would highly recommend him to anyone.
Paul O.
Been dealing with Matt at Creek Side Armory for several years now. Small town atmosphere, fair prices, & very knowledgeable in all aspects of the business. Learn something interesting every visit. Just went thru the 5 year CC class. He had some pointers for me at the range & my shots improved instantly! I definitely would suggest you stop by and check them out. Great guy!
Todd P.
What a great place for CCL classes, so much fun when the instructor is enthusiastic and knowledgeable ,not boring at all. Keep up the great job You do Matt.
Tony Y.
Purchased 2 hand guns from Matt the owner. Great guy and very knowledgeable. I plan to take my concealed carry class with him. Definitely has my business from here on out.
Erik U.
Great instructor. Makes sure everyone understands before moving on. Nobody left behind. Always answers any student questions. Highly recommend Matt for your 16 hours.
Len N.
Matt does an excellent job of being very thorough with the material during his IL CCW training. He goes at a nice pace so that students can fully comprehend the material before moving on to next subject. Very engaging teacher involving entire class.
Tom S.
Growing up I hated school. I was not looking forward to sitting thru another class. Matt kept the class upbeat and not boring at all. He was very knolegeable about the conceal carry process. I will always use him to renew my permit. I also finally found a reliable gunsmith. Thanks again Matt!!!!!
Pete B.
Spent sometime with Matt this afternoon, found him to be very knowledgeable and hospitable, easy to talk to. This is a great shop to visit and buy from.
Dean H.